Understanding Digital Writing

Week Two Blog Post

This semester in Writing for Multiple Media, we can expect to learn how to communicate effectively across a variety of platforms. The article entitled “Digital Rhetoric: Community, Critical Engagement, and Application” states:

“We would argue that we are in the very late age of print, well into a world of writing and document distribution that primarily happens digitally. Networked devices create a new kind of writing space, and this space changes not only writing processes, but also communication dynamics between writers and readers, and between writers and the devices themselves (234).”

Digital writing is different from writing in print, and we must learn how to use it effectively. A study in the same article stated:

“a  2003  Pew  Internet  and  American  Life  study  reported  that “44% of U.S. Internet users have contributed their thoughts and their files to the online world” through posting written and visual material on Web sites, contributing to newsgroups, writing in blogs, conversing in chat spaces (such as instant messaging), and via other digital means” (qtd. in “Teaching Digital Rhetoric: Community, Critical Engagement, and Application”).

This proves that the modern world communicates digitally more now than it ever did. Digital communication is becoming more evident in the modern world, and understanding how to use the technology is important not only for personal use, but for professional use, as well. Because communication in general is becoming more mediated, it is important to utilize it properly.

From the article “Claiming an Education,” I realized that I should view our classroom as a community. I need to be an active community member because everyone in the “community” has valuable input. I also need to take it upon myself to ensure my own success. Though I may ask for help from other students and my professor, ultimately, I need to stay on top of my own work and make sure everything gets done. No one is responsible for that except for myself. Being a college student was my choice, so I need to act accordingly and prove my desire to be a college student. I have all the tools and services I need to be an active member of the college community, I just have to use them and work hard to ensure my success (1-11).

The required reading “Public and Professional Writing” emphasizes the importance of understanding the audience that you are communicating electronically with. In order to write effectively, additional research must be done. A full understanding of the topic is necessary. Not only must you be able to write effectively, your audience must also be able to understand what you are trying to convey. Your audience may not perceive something you say the same way you do, and it is your job to clarify what you mean and come up with alternate means of reaching your goal. You may even learn something from them in the process (1-35).

Digital rhetoric isn’t simply writing across various forms of technology. Digital rhetoric is conveying one’s message in a clear and successful manner so an audience can understand it and give feedback. Not only is it important to communicate effectively one-one-one, but it is imperative to have the ability to communicate well with an audience while using digital means of communication. If one is using social media for professional use, either for a career or as a means of marketing oneself, it is important to have the competence to write in a professional manner in order to display his or her written skills. Being able to communicate digitally is an important skill that is only going to become more necessary.


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