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Dracula by Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker's Dracula coverBefore reading this novel, I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen in this story. I didn’t. Hollywood gets it all wrong! So, forget everything you thought you knew about Dracula! Like always, the book is nothing like the movies.

After spending a few days in Count Dracula’s castle on a business trip, Jonathan Harker notices Dracula is up to something. Harker is being held against his will and strange things keep happening both inside the castle and out. He eventually escapes the castle and flees back home, where he and his gang devise a plan to take down the Count once they discover he is a danger to all of Europe. Chaos ensues, the gang closes in, and the Count keeps slipping through their fingers.

This story is told from several points of view. Each character has something to contribute to the story, and it all gets documented. This is helpful because it communicates the thoughts and ideas that each character has. Seeing one scene from different perspectives makes it easier to draw conclusions both about the events transpiring and the individual characters’ credibility. I haven’t read many stories that do this.

BEEF: Though I found that aspect of this book interesting, it still dragged on and on. In addition to being too time-consuming, this book contained many boring details that could have been cut from the story to make it better. I found the female characters unbearable as well. There were also many continuity issues that were pointed out in my footnotes. I think that is sloppy writing, and Stoker should have edited his work better. Admittedly, I probably didn’t enjoy this book because I had to read it for a college class. (I was forced to read about half of it over my spring break, which I did NOT appreciate.)

I had always wanted to read Dracula, but I may have enjoyed it more if I didn’t have to write two essays on it. I constantly had to take notes and that contributed to my hatred of this book. I may pick this book up again one day and enjoy it, but being the typical lazy college student that I am, I am not going to recommend this book.


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