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1000 Forms of Fear by Sia

One Thousand Forms of Fear coverI bet you were beginning to think I only review books. And I know that’s what this page is called, but I couldn’t help myself! I can’t limit my judgmental nature to just print! Consider this a bonus!

When I first heard Sia, it was her song “Chandelier” on the radio.  I initially thought the song was great.  A few months after that, I heard her song “Elastic Heart,” and I was blown away.  With an amazing voice like that, and complex lyrics like those, how could I not be?  Where did this woman come from, and how had I not heard of her before?!  My love for Sia’s voice only grew once I heard her sing “Chandelier” live on Saturday Night Live.  So when I saw her album in the store, I had to have it.

I only recognized the two songs that I had heard on the radio on this album, so I admit I took a risk when I bought this album.  I hadn’t even researched any of Sia’s other music at this point, so I was taking a gamble that Sia’s incredible voice would outweigh any negatives on this album.  And I hit the jackpot.  This is an album I can listen to every day and not get tired of.  All of the songs are so different, but they are tied together beautifully by her voice.  It’s even more exciting when you finally understand the lyrics.

This album is filled with good songs.  My personal favorites are “Fair Game,” “Free the Animal,” “Cellophane,” and “Dressed in Black.”  These songs are radio-worthy, but you won’t hear them there. Don’t just look up my favorites though.   There is not a bad track on this album.


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