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This is Acting by Sia

This is Acting coverSia’s newest album, released in January of this year, was an album I was looking forward to being released. Her last album, 1000 Forms of Fear, was one of the most magnificent musical masterpieces I had ever heard, and it only left me wanting more. This is Acting consists of songs that Sia wrote for other artists, but were rejected. It is different from its predecessor, but it is still a pretty good album.

Like Sia’s previous album, this album has some masterpieces that will not be heard on the radio. “Alive,” “Bird Set Free,” and “Reaper” all blew me away, but I had to buy this album in order to hear them. These songs, as well as some others, seem to highlight some of the struggles that people face throughout their lives. Not only are these songs catchy, they’re inspirational.

Though I would recommend this album to anyone who asks me for a recommendation, there is one thing I should warn the public about. Because this album is comprised of songs that were intended for other artists, new sounds have been integrated into this album; some that I think should have been left out. I think she tried too hard to make her music sound more like the music that is currently being played on the radio. When her song “Cheap Thrills” (originally intended for Rihanna) is played on the radio, it even features Sean Paul. I am glad the album version is solely her, because, in my opinion, Sean Paul ruins it. In addition to these new sounds, two or three of the tracks are just plain boring. I find myself skipping them to get to the good ones.

Don’t let these negatives deter you from listening to the album, however! I still think this was a good purchase.


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