Visual Rhetoric

Week Ten Blog Post Everyone has heard the idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Images are able to perfectly show things that words cannot describe. When words fail us, images can portray our thoughts and feelings. Pictures are more effective than both written text and spoken words. Pictures feel less rhetorical because they… Continue reading Visual Rhetoric


Code Switching

Week Eight Blog Post Code switching is when one uses different language depending on their audience. Whether it be trying to imitate the people around them or simply using different language to meet the expectation of their audience, everyone code switches. I act differently with my family than I do with my friends. I try… Continue reading Code Switching


Social Media: Accelerating Conversations

Week Six Blog Post Years ago, people would read newspapers to get the relevant information at the time. They would then discuss and share the information with the people around them. Fast forward to today, and we are still doing the same thing. The only differences are we’re doing it a lot faster through digital… Continue reading Social Media: Accelerating Conversations