Thanks for the Trouble cover

Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach

In this story, we get to view the world through the eyes of a troubled teen who cannot speak. Instead, he writes everything down. This is both his main form of communication and his hobby. Because of his journaling, he is very introspective and observant. He also enjoys telling stories and spending time alone or… Continue reading Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach


Group Projects

Week Fourteen Blog Post Working in a group for our final project this semester was an eye-opening experience. I’ve worked in groups before, but those projects were not as serious as this one. Because this was our final project, and we had a lot to do, every group member had to step up and try… Continue reading Group Projects


Usability Testing

Week Twelve Blog Post Usability testing is when a company works alongside a client once they have a product that they believe is ready to be released. Usability testing can give clients the opportunity to make suggestions for the company and the company’s product. Clients can tell the company what works, what they are having… Continue reading Usability Testing