Group Projects

Week Fourteen Blog Post

Working in a group for our final project this semester was an eye-opening experience. I’ve worked in groups before, but those projects were not as serious as this one. Because this was our final project, and we had a lot to do, every group member had to step up and try to benefit the group instead of relying on one or two members to get all of the work done. Every group is different, and it takes some time to figure out a group dynamic.

Since we had four group members, a lot of the time we had four completely different ideas of what to do, how to proceed, and four versions of what our instructor told us to do in class. This could be problematic, but we always agreed on a course of action. Dividing the labor among the four of us was great. If I had to do all of this work by myself, I would have needed a mental evaluation at the end of the semester. Each member of the group knew what they needed to do, and got most of it done. Once a group member was done with a part of the project, we all looked over it. Once we had this dynamic down, it made creating the product easier. By having preconceived roles, we each knew what was expected of us.

Though we seemed to have a system for doing work and having the other member proofread it, there were often unforeseen circumstances that hindered our progression toward the final report. Sometimes we would plan a meeting only to have work or oversleeping get in the way. One of our group members was also having difficulty with her cell phone, and could barely contact us. She also ended up getting sick, and was unable to make it to one of our scheduled meetings. Another thing that we had to work around was deadlines. Each group member wanted to have something done at a different time. Some group members wanted to get the work out of the way, while others procrastinated. Unfortunately, when one member is procrastinating, that hinders the submission of other members’ responsibilities.

The division of labor did not seem fair most of the time, but I was still grateful that each member was doing what they could. A lot of the time, the same group members were doing the work. This led to stressed out individuals and discussions on picking up the other member’s work load. Everyone started pretty strong, but some members got progressively worse as the semester went on. But, every little bit helps.

I know that the ability to work efficiently in groups is a good thing to achieve. In the work place, it is also a common practice. By working in a group this semester in order to complete a project that was as big as this was good practice. I was able to learn what my strengths and weaknesses are. I was also able to learn how to work around problems that arose in group members’ lives.

In the end, having group members do what they could really helped me feel sane throughout the creation of this project. They were also there for emotional support, and once I began to trust them, I knew I wasn’t alone. We were all striving toward a common goal. I enjoy working with people, but I enjoy it more when everyone is doing everything they can in order to complete the project on time and to the best of their abilities.


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