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Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At the Disco

Death of a Bachelor coverDeath of a Bachelor, released in January of last year, is the first album by Panic! at the Disco since the band members left the band. Brendon Urie is the sole remaining member of the band. He played most of the instruments in this album himself, but received the help of several musicians.

For this album, Urie stepped away from his traditional sounds slightly, and mimicked the sounds of both Queen and Frank Sinatra, two of his biggest influences. The music still sounds like Panic! At the Disco, but the new sounds are easily noticeable. The songs on this album sound similar to Panic! At the Disco’s old music, just evolved (if that makes sense). However, this isn’t a bad thing. Urie has found a new sound that works.

This album includes playful lyrics with some introspective analyses that outline Brendon’s life both as a party boy and a married man. (Though, like many of their songs, some of the lyrics just sound like nonsense.) Many songs on this album quickly became my favorites. I listen to “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time,” “Death of a Bachelor,” “Emperor’s New Clothes,” and “Golden Days” nonstop.

The songs on this album are upbeat, with the exception of the final song. This one has a Sinatra feel just like the earlier track “Death of a Bachelor.” These two sound different from this band’s other music, including the other songs on this album, which sound like they were influenced by Queen.

Overall, most of the songs on this album are attractive. The lyrics are catchy, Urie’s voice is excellent, and the instruments that are used work together to create many unique sounds in each of the songs. Though it may be hard to look past the “emo” stigma that this band has received, Urie appears to have turned away from that, so give this album a listen!


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