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Duality by Set It Off

ATTN: Fall Out Boy Fans

Do you absolutely adore Fall Out Boy? Do you enjoy their complex, witty, and often sassy lyrics? Do you wish they were better and had trumpets? Look no further! Give this band a listen because they’re a game changer!

I discovered this band while browsing Spotify roughly two days ago, and I am determined to listen to every song from this album until I hate this band. THEIR. MUSIC. IS. PHENOMENAL.

Like I said, while listening to Spotify one sunny afternoon, Set It Off’s cover of “Problem” by Ariana Grande started playing. I’m not a big fan of the song, but I love how this band sounded. I, being foolish, didn’t even look up the band after hearing this cover. The thought that I may never be able to find this band again haunted me that night. I know a simple Google search could have yielded me results, but what if everyone decided to cover Ariana Grande’s “Problem”? I may never find my holy grail!  Luckily, the next day, Spotify played a song called “Why Worry?” As I grew to like the song, it started to feel more and more familiar. I was thinking,” That sound… That voice! Could it be?!” My new favorite band had been found as easily as it had been lost.

I immediately looked into the band and began to listen to the other tracks off of their Duality album. If they were only half as good as this song, I would be satisfied. This album delivered. My favorite tracks from this album are “The Haunting,” “Wolf  in Sheep’s Clothing,” “N.M.E.,” and “Why Worry?”

So if you ever get sick of listening to the radio and the the same songs that are played over and over again, Set It Off’s Duality is a great start to a new musical adventure.


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