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Get Out

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Get Out directed by Jordan Peele is a mystery/thriller movie about Chris, an African American man, meeting his girlfriend Rose’s parents at their country estate for the first time. Upon arriving, Rose’s family seems unaccustomed with how to act around African Americans, so their conversations with Chris seem forced. At first, Chris assumes they are just trying their hardest to make him feel comfortable, but because they are hyperaware of his race, they go overboard.

Things start to get even stranger when Rose’s brother insists on having a physical MMA-style fight with Chris while eating dinner. Chris also notices the other African Americans that work for the family act strangely. To top things off, Rose’s mother insists on hypnotizing Chris in an attempt to get him to quit smoking. Chris refuses, but she tricks him into it. This series of strange events leads up to a welcoming party that seems anything but. Without giving more away, things start to unravel and Chris discovers what really happens on this beautiful country estate.

Because this movie was directed by Jordan Peele, and I know him most for his comedy series Key and Peele, I was not expecting him to pull off a mystery/thriller as well as he did. There were comedic elements throughout this movie, but it was also an intricate, mind-bending mystery.

I must admit, I first thought this movie was lacking. I wouldn’t have gone to see it if it weren’t for my friend’s influence. I’m not a big fan of thrillers, and though this movie had good reviews, I went into the theater expecting to be disappointed. When I left the theater, my head was racing. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how important this movie is. The intricacies that I picked up on after viewing the movie also made me change my opinion. This is an amazing movie.

Not only is this an excellent movie, but, more importantly, it has helped continue a dialogue. This movie made me realize that there are many things about living as an African American that I have yet to understand. The final scene where the police arrive made my heart stop. In this scene, Chris acknowledges how everything must appear to the officer, so he puts his hands behind his head, ready to be suspected of committing a crime, even though he was the victim.

This movie deserves the buzz it received.


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