The Calm Before the Blogging Storm

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 0

I’ve been suffering from a serious case of writer’s block for the past… 21 years. I know what to write in my journals, but I always have a hard time coming up with topics that are appropriate for my audience comprised of strangers on the internet. I usually try to keep things on the safe side, like writing book/movie/music reviews, but I sometimes find this to be a tedious task. I crave something different! In order to maintain a healthy mental state, I have prescribed myself the following: a 30 Day Blog Challenge.

challenge blog

I am so pumped to do this! I’ve only ever done fitness challenges in the past, so a mental challenge will be a welcome change. Some of these prompts look more fun than others, but I will do my best to write witty, yet thought-provoking answers! I am looking forward to this challenge, and, hopefully, I can complete it with a renewed love for blogging! If this challenge goes well, I may do one again in the future!

To my trusty WordPress readers, how do you do it?! What’s your secret?! How are you always coming up with good things to write about? What is your favorite thing to write about? Have you ever completed a challenge like this? Approximately what day will I feel the burn?


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