The Zodiac Sign Killer

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

I am a firm nonbeliever of horoscopes. To me, taking a horoscope seriously is like changing your life based off of the fortune from a fortune cookie. Horoscopes all sound vague enough to apply to anyone and I refuse to allow the stars to dictate my life. I blaze my own trail, I’ve created my own personality, and no horoscope can convince me to change my ways.

If everybody was a Capricorn the world wud be a diamond. Hard core, unbreakable, hard to take out of the rock surrounding it... But beautiful at every angle.

Well, shoot. I just gave my strong, serious opinion on zodiac signs, and this personality outline image is pretty spot-on. BUT I’m sure many people can relate to these Capricorn traits. Most of these apply to me, but that last one isn’t true. I love being roasted. And as long as my roaster can take it when I throw it back, I’m okay with people poking fun at me. That’s part of having a great sense of humor.

A quick Internet search has pointed me in the direction of a seemingly reputable zodiac sign blogAs reputable as fake astrology can be… My actual horoscope from the website is as follows:

“Bottlenose dolphins recognize whistles of their mates even if they were separated for over 20 years. This day could bring surprises into your life and your emotional plane, making you nervous about the past as if you are recognizing someone’s telepathic call.

Keep your feet tied to the ground and realize that you don’t need to make the first move in any direction but the future. It is too easy for you to turn to what once was, but you could evoke the same failures once again.”

Yeah. This sounds like an aquarium tour guide wrote a fortune cookie quote. I haven’t been nervous about the past more than any other day. The words of wisdom in the second line are good to live by, but anyone could easily apply them to their own life. And if I hear any dolphin whistles today, I will let you know.

Anyway, in summary:

Image result for zodiac signs the stars will not affect you in any way


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