Entertaining a Child

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

What were your favorite childhood toys?

My imagination. My imagination is obviously not a toy, but it was always my best source for entertainment. I used to boss the neighborhood kids around and always stressed the importance of having an imagination. I was a little dictator and they should have overthrown me. But together, we were always able to come up with a new game to keep us occupied. We danced in their basement, drew comics on their deck, built forts in the woods, created characters in our dining room, and performed skits in their yard. The best childhood memories I have do not involve toys; they involve wild imaginations and some of the best people I have ever known.

Stuffed animals. My stuffed animals were always fun to play with, but they also kept me safe on stormy nights. My favorite stuffed animal was probably this orange tabby cat that I earned at summer camp. But I also loved the little stuffed Rottweiler I got from a friend in 2nd grade for Christmas. My big white bear (this thing was HUGE) also kept me company when I was afraid at night.

Tickle Me Elmo must have been my favorite at some point, too.

GameCube. Our GameCube was something that kept my brother and I entertained. Our first video game was Super Mario Sunshine. It is a one player game, so, being the little sister, I usually had to watch. I really didn’t mind it though. Once we got other games, like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., the GameCube became a source of entertainment for the neighbors, as well.

Bicycles. My little town had a small biker gang. This gang consisted of me, my neighbors, and my brother. The older kids usually didn’t join us though, so my friends and I would have to ride on our own. We used to ride out both of our lanes, and around in circles on every cement slab we could find. When we couldn’t bike in winter, we swapped our bikes for sleds.

A tin can. That’s really all you need to play kick the can. (For those of you who don’t know, kick the can is like hide and seek, but once a hider gets found, they go to the can. If a hider is able to kick the can without the seeker noticing them, the caught hiders are able to  run and hide again.) On summer nights, my neighbors, my brother, and I would get together to play this outside pretty often. I remember one night we were able to rally other neighbors and we had 12 people playing (not the usual 4-8ish). The game was fun until my brother would go “hide” and I would find him at home later. And sometimes the caught hiders would be freed, but stay at the can to kick it when more hiders were caught. My town is filled with cheaters.

I don’t think toys are necessary for a kid to have fun. They sure did help when my neighbors were unavailable, but I was usually able to come up with something to do.


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