Blacklist Me

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 10

What is your guilty pleasure?

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been three years since my last confession. With this post, I am prepared to lose some friends…

Nickleback. I’ve tried to hate them, and some of their lyrics are lazy, but they remind me so much of car rides when I was a kid, I can’t bring myself to hate them. Fight me.

Modern pop music. I hate a lot of the dubsteppy rap songs that have to cut out every other word for it to air, but other modern pop music is good to work out to!

Taylor Swift’s music. I used to adore Taylor Swift, but I can no longer stand her. I think she is ungrateful, petty, money-hungry, and dramatic. But girl can write a song!

Rainy days. Every time it rains, it seems to me that everyone complains. Rain is pretty, soothing, and it makes everything appear more vibrant. It also cools things down, and I hate the heat. Taking naps in the rain helps me fall asleep. Curling up in some blankets when it’s raining is the most comfortable thing I can think of. Driving in the rain washes my car and the rain clouds keep the sun from assaulting my eyes. I will never understand why people prefer the sun. I hate that I have to pretend to hate rainy days.

Wearing a winter wardrobe year-round. Yes, I am aware that black gets hot quickly. Yes, I am hot. Yes, I understand my wintery outfit is out of style and out of season. I don’t care. I like black. I look good. You will have to tear my boots out of my heat-stricken, dead hands.

Cartoons. Granted, there are some children’s cartoons that are cringe-worthy, but I will never understand why some people refuse to watch cartoons simply because they use animation. Just because it’s animated does not mean it is a show for children. Is Rick and Morty a kids’ show? No way! But I love it and cartoon discriminators everywhere would, too.

Calories. One can only eat so many salads before they crave a rack of ribs with a side of peanut butter cups. I pretend to be on a diet only when in public.


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