My Story in Fifteen Facts

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 15

Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

I can’t promise 15 interesting facts about myself–I can’t even promise 15 things you care to hear about, but the following list contains 15 things that came to mind when given this prompt.

  1. I was born on Christmas. But I’m not Jesus. It’s okay, that’s a common misconception.
  2. I had pneumonia twice as a child. I kind of have the body of an old woman and a child at the same time. Anything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong.
  3. I killed off my childhood imaginary friend. I’ve been through this before, but I was a REALLY weird kid. Long story short, his name was George and I made him into a pie. Arya Stark took a page from MY book!
  4. I hula hoop dance. I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be, but I’m getting there! I hooped in a bar once and got offered a free drink, so I guess I’m at least a little good at it!
  5. I can water ski. I’d better be able to water ski because I’m not good at much else! My family usually goes camping at a lake every summer, and my uncle has a boat, so we get to water ski. It took me forever to stay on top of the water, but I have it now!
  6. I talk to plants. I might love plants more than I love cats. And I seriously think talking to them helps them grow. I should probably be committed.
  7. In 6th grade, I was in the state spelling bee. I got second both in my school spelling bee and in the district bee, so I got to go to the state capital to take a written test. I didn’t make it through to the next round.. Who would ever need to spell ditto and knapsack anyway?

    Image result for spelling bee kid gif
    This could have been me 😥
  8. I got a solo in my 9th grade Christmas chorus concert. Unfortunately, I realized shortly after getting the solo that I suffer from severe stage fright. I haven’t been able to sing solos in front of others since then. I have flashbacks every time I hear “When Christmas Comes to Town” from The Polar Express.
  9. My favorite video game is Tales of SymphoniaI’m a sucker for JRPG and if you are, too, then you need to get on this game. I’m still finding new side quests each time I play through it! And the characters have so much depth! I could go on and on about this, so take my word for it!
  10. I don’t like coffee. This one gets me weird looks and I don’t know why. I sometimes like coffee-flavored things, but coffee has never been appealing to me. Though I like the smell.
  11. I was once in the newspaper. Not even the police blotter! They took a picture of me petting a bunny at the fair. Must’ve been a slow news day.
  12. I’m being followed by a porn star on Twitter. They’re the only verified account following me, so I guess that’s nice, but I don’t know what I did to deserve this.
  13. I would marry Shakira. She’s intelligent, beautiful, talented, and ambitious. That voice… that hair… THOSE HIPS.
  14. My favorite Disney princess is Mulan. Because she’s not a princess, she DON’T NEED NO MAN, and she saves her country. She’s not worried about princes or royal balls or having legs. She just wants to take her father’s place in the war. Admirable.
  15. I played softball for one season. I am easily the most uncoordinated person ever to attempt sports. I didn’t swing the bat the whole season, even when my coach said he would buy the team ice cream if I did, and I got a black eye at the first practice.

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