The Sexual Assault Anthems

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 16

What are your views on mainstream music?

Warning: Rant ahead.

Some mainstream music is catchy and wholesome. It is able to get me pumped for a workout, excited for a night on the town with some friends, and can sometimes be good enough to sing in the shower. Unfortunately, mainstream music right now also includes rap songs that use foul language, condone drug use, and talk about objectifying women, all of which I find disturbing. It’s so unfortunate that this music is often paired with a catchy beat.

I usually don’t care if people curse, but when a radio station has to cut out every other word in a song, maybe it’s time to find more intelligent words to use. At that point, I don’t even know what you’re singing about anymore. I just know it can’t be good.

I think it’s mildly terrifying that preteens are listening to songs about drug use. A life on drugs is rarely a glamorous one and there should be a rap song about that. Sorry I’m such a square.

I hate that some rap artists objectify women. It also seems that these guys are hailed as kings to many adolescents. I listen to their lyrics and understand why young boys decide it’s okay to objectify or sexually assault women. Life isn’t like a rap video. Not all women want to be objectified. 

(I understand that some women venture out to do this. And that is okay. If they have decided this is what they want, cool. I just hate hearing horror stories about young women who just want to dance with their friends at a party or a bar, but some guy won’t leave them alone.)

I leave you with important words my wise cousin once shared: “Women are allowed to be sexual. This does not mean you are allowed to sexually assault them.” So listen to your horribly degrading music. But never live it.


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