Educate Yourself.

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 20

How important do you think education is?

It is important to graduate from high school. There are many more opportunities for those who do than for those who don’t. It’s best to avoid that struggle. Stay in school, kids!

I think children should be put through public education (at least for a few years) to learn how to socialize with other people their age. This is also a good way for children to build their own support system and make friends. Once considering a career after school, students can build connections with teachers that can write recommendation letters for colleges or introduce the student to someone that can help them further their understanding of the area of work they are interested in after graduation. Homeschooling may be a good place to start, but public schools make a more well-rounded child.

Depending on what a person wants to do once they graduate, I think going to college may be a good idea. College is a great place for an individual to grow. When entering into college with an open mind, a student will learn to understand cultures, religions, and ways of life that are different from one’s own. Not only do students learn about other people, but they are able to focus on a specific area of study to dedicate one’s life to.

Trade school also has benefits. College is very expensive, and it may even be better to decide to further an education in trade school. Blue collar work is admirable and should not be viewed negatively by college graduates. Both blue and white collar workers are necessary to society.


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