Rick and Morty

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 21

What is one of your favorite TV shows and why?

It is difficult for me to absolutely fall in love with a TV show. I always manage to pick them apart and find something I don’t like. Sometimes a show has a solid first season that turns to disappointment in following seasons. Sometimes the writers throw in a plot twist only to take it back the following season. Commit to Jon Snow’s death and Arya’s blinding, you guys! And sometimes I find it annoying how the attractive lead sleeps with every woman who isn’t related to them. Cough Oliver Queen from Arrow cough. However, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is well-rounded perfection. It is able to make me laugh, cry, and go insane between seasons. I am particularly excited about this TV show because I have been awaiting its return for nearly two years. The show is set to return on July 30th. And I could not be more ecstatic.

After being MIA for an undisclosed amount of time, Rick has entered back into his adult daughter’s life, and is staying with her family. This is where Rick and Morty begins. Rick’s past is unknown to the family, as much of it is unknown to us. Through a series of sci-fi shenanigans, we learn about each member of the Smith family along with Rick’s struggles with the intergalactic government.Image result

This show is genius. It has the ability to make me cry with laughter, feel for the characters, think about social issues that are discussed, and it is one of the most quotable shows I have ever watched. The episodes are able to be watched an infinite number of times without losing interest. Each of them is a wild adventure featuring new characters and insane situations that mess with your mind and expand your worldview in the process.

This show speaks to the nerd in me. It makes the jerk in me feel justified. It makes me feel like I’m probably a Morty and not a Rick. I love this show because it has become a way for my brother an I to bond. I love that it can be a conversation starter. I love that it makes me laugh every time I re-watch an episode. I love that Rick is a jerk, Morty has potential, Jerry is an idiot, Beth needs her father, Summer is strong, and Tammy is the WORST.

Season one was incredible, and I had accepted that it can be hard for a show to match its success from the first season. This show exceeded my expectations with Season two. Season three Episode one was released on April 1st (these guys are the best April Fools’ artists) and it was the most magnificent season premier I have ever seen. Not only did it wrap up the cliff hanger from the end of last season, but it was hilarious and genius in the process.

All of this being said, I NEED the rest of Season three. Yesterday. Last month. I need it like Jerry needs a job. The only difference is, I’ll admit it.


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