My Top Five

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 23

Post five pictures of celebrities you find attractive.

Isn’t this a bit shallow…? But FIVE?! I have to limit myself to just five?! I put a lot of thought into this whole attractive celebrities thing!

A young James Franco. How many times must I admit to this? I fell in love with James Franco the day I watched Harry Osborn make omelettes with Mary Jane in Spider-Man 3. Those innocent eyes, that facial structure, and a shy, yet carefree attitude awakened an infatuation in me so great, not even the New Goblin could make me turn away.

More delicious than omelettes.

The King of the North. I would follow Game of Thrones‘s Richard Madden into battle any day. Granted, I don’t know anything about Richard Madden himself, but that polished, yet scruffy look paired with those curls makes me think I know enough to take the leap.

Image result for Richard Madden
I could have been Lady of Winterfell.

The gorgeous Jenna Coleman. I would like to bring my fondness for Richard Madden’s ex-girlfriend to your attention. Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman is cute as a doll, dimpled, and has a great sense of style. AND I loved her before I knew of the existence of my Northern King.

Image result for jenna coleman
I wish I were Jenna Coleman.

Panic!’s Brendon Urie. Anyone who can dress like a carnie and look AMAZING while doing it, is automatically attractive in my book. Brendon has gotten more polished since his “emo” days, but if he were to relapse, my love would remain consistent. Threaten me with a good time, my dear.

Brendon Urie looking swanky.

The Colombian Queen. Shakira Shakira. Talented, intelligent, and gorgeous, Shakira is the full package. She also founded the Barefoot Foundation that helps impoverished Colombian children get a quality education. Soooo she has a corazón mas grande. I’d meet her in room 16 any day.

Image result for shakira
Looks like an angel AND has honest hips!

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