30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 24

What is your favorite movie and why?

Image result for looperI think I’ve mentioned my obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean, jolly rogers, peg legs, and anything pirate-related. Piracy is near and dear to my heart, but for the sake of having a variety of content on my site, I will not bore you with another pirate-y review. But I WILL bore you with a review of the twisted thriller Looper. I will try to keep my summary of the movie as clear as possible, but with all these details, it may be confusing! Try to keep up.

Time travel has not been invented yet, but thirty years in the future, it has. To keep things relatively clean, when the future mob needs someone whacked, they send them back in time to be killed by hired guns called “loopers.” This is all well and good until the future mob boss starts to “close the loops” by sending back the loopers’ future selves to be whacked. The only thing is, the young loopers don’t realize they killed their future self until they see that their payment is gold bars instead of silver.

Joe is one of these loopers who is trying to save up enough money to leave this lifestyle behind. Unfortunately for him, his future self gets sent back to be whacked before he is able to go MIA. However, once appearing before present Joe to be killed, future Joe didn’t have a covering over his head, making present Joe hesitate to kill him. After a brief scuffle, future Joe managed to get away and begin his mission: find and kill the mob boss from the future who decided to close the loops.

Present Joe must now set things right. He has to hunt down his future self and kill him while his future self is hunting down the child who will become the diabolical mob boss. After getting a piece of future Joe’s map, present Joe eventually makes his way to the future mob boss: a smart little boy being raised by his mother on a farm. Without spoiling anything else, the next few days contain hiding from the mob, a little boy capable of making people explode, and a decision that alters the lives of everyone involved.

My only problem with this movie stems from my childhood. I was raised on Disney, so I love happy endings. I didn’t like the ending of this movie for the longest time, but I understand why it had to play out the way it did. My jaw had to hit the floor one last time before the movie was over. This movie is incredible from start to finish. It doesn’t just get the adrenaline pumping, it numbs the mind, too! I highly recommend this one!


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