People Watching isn’t Creepy

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 25

Discuss someone who fascinates you and why.

I LOVE watching people! If I have down time at work or I arrive early to class, I usually find a spot to sit and watch all the crazy characters that occupy my library and college campus. You’d be surprised how many interesting people you can see during a session of people watching! Working in a library, I get to see all kinds of people walk through every day. So far this summer, I have been graced with the presences of the man in swimming trunks, the guy with the pillow case of belongings, and Mr. buffoon-who-is-too-loud-to-be-in-a-library. These are all the same guy, by the way. Though these things are pretty odd, this guy doesn’t really fascinate me like the kids in town do. Kids are infinite possibility. They could be thinking anything and they can become anything. But right now, they are innocent and curious, and this thoroughly fascinates me. Kids, when not too sticky, are pretty great!

The little, blonde me. This summer, I’ve spotted a little girl walking around my library. A few days ago, she was all dressed up in fancy clothing, but her hair was a mess. She returned some books by spreading them out on the counter. This was kind of annoying, but I let it slide because it’s not a big deal, and she kind of reminds me of myself when I was younger. Especially with her fancy garb paired with that mop of hair. She eventually went outside to look around in our garden when she saw me through the windows. I was posting flyers on our glass doors, so she moseyed on over. She was watching me, but trying to look inconspicuous about it. She was VERY conspicuous about it.  She eventually caught my eye, and she smiled. This girl looks about seven, and is brave enough to walk around by herself doing her own thing. I admire that.

The boy who needs the time. Lately at my library, there has been a little boy lurking about. He’ll just hang out in the library and ask me what the time is. Repeatedly. Usually, he lets about three minutes pass before asking me for the time again. As soon as I tell him the time, he sighs an “oh,” and looks downcast. I’ve pointed him in the direction of the clock on our wall, but he’s told me that he doesn’t know how to tell the time on an analog clock. Well, for someone so concerned with the time, you WOULD THINK he would learn. I have no idea why he asks me for the time all the time. I’d interrogate him, but I don’t want to frighten the poor kid away. Why doesn’t he invest in a watch? What time does he want it to be? What happens when it IS the time he is waiting for?! My head is racing with the possibilities!

Gosh, I hope this all sounds motherly and not creepy. 

Sometimes I’m weirded by myself for watching other people or looking up to children, but there is still so much we can learn from them. This is what makes these two kids fascinating. They have taught me it’s okay to do my own thing, even if I’m by myself. I don’t always need people to back me up. I can smile at strangers through windows and ask people for the time, knowing full well they will be wondering what I’m waiting for the rest of the day. Diabolical. I can be curious about the world without being afraid. Sometimes kids know best.


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