Slipping Through My Fingers, Still Within Reach

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 28

What is something/someone you miss?

I miss a lot of things. But I miss people so much more. I frequently come across amazing people only to have them exit my life as quickly as they came. Sometimes, physical distance separates us. Other times, this distance is emotional. Either way, it still hurts.

Messy hair and overalls. My first best friend was made when I was in Kindergarten. She sat on the bus with me, lived down the street from me, and was as much of a tomboy as I was. She was a compulsive liar, and I knew it, but I didn’t care because we were friends. She moved after Kindergarten. She reached out to me on Facebook after years of not knowing where/how she was. She is well and now has a son.

Artistic with the platinum tail. I think this kid was the first male friend I had. He was really good at drawing fire. I was also mad that he could run faster than me. I thought that because he has asthma, he shouldn’t beat me in a race. He moved out of the state after I knew him for about two years. From what I can tell about his Facebook posts, he is still artistic and is doing well.

My player two. Me and this girl became best friends quickly. We bonded over books, video games, trips to the pool, being insane, and anything Japanese. We didn’t have any classes together once we got into middle school, so we grew apart. She still lives about 7 minutes from my house, but we have both changed since those simpler times.

Bubbly personality. The most bubbly, giggly, blonde friend I have ever had would jump on trampolines, chase chickens across streets, and make fun of poor movies about cavemen with me. I see her around once in a while, but our interactions are usually just an awkward “hello” followed by a brisk walk away.

Me, but better. Me and this girl had the same taste in music, video games, and humor. We hit it off immediately. Our older brothers were always friends, so it was only natural that we got together, too. I’m upset with myself that I didn’t reach out sooner. Our relationship was effortless. She has been struggling lately, and I hear she’s doing better since getting out of rehab, but I also understand drugs are hard to quit.

I hate thinking about how things could have been if the people that never moved away had stayed. And I hate thinking about how easy it would be for me to reach out to the people that are still nearby, but neither one of us will. Too much has changed and even though we were the best of friends once, it may be time to move on. I will always love these people, and I wish them the best in life.


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