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Spider-Man: Homecoming

I’m a pretty big fan of Spidey. As big a fan I can be without reading the comics, that is. Unfortunately for me, I had just gotten used to Andrew Garfield as the poster boy for Spider-Man. So when I heard they were doing ANOTHER Spider-Man reboot, I didn’t know if my heart could take it. Just how many Spideys must we toss aside until we get it right?!

Perhaps.. no more.

Spider-Man: Homecoming follows the typical Spider-Man recipe, though there are some differences. Though Peter Parker’s origin story is mentioned, we don’t have to sit through the spider bite *cringe* again. The movie starts out with Parker on a trip to train with the Avengers under the cover of interning for Stark Industries. Upon his return home, Parker discovers some sketchy guys selling weapons that use alien technology, making them especially dangerous. Naturally, these weapons help some criminals do some pretty bad things. Peter Parker tries to balance his school life with his Spider-Man persona once he decides to take these guys down.

Image result for spiderman avengers meme
You blew it, kid.

Before going solo, Parker tries to get the Avengers involved in his mission to rid his city of these weapons. Unfortunately Tony Stark doesn’t take too many of his calls and, when he does, he urges Parker to stay away from danger and leave it to the professionals. Meanwhile, Vulture has been manufacturing more weapons out of the alien technology and is planning a heist to get more. Parker goes after the villainous fowl anyway and tries to prove to Tony Stark that he is capable of doing more than Stark gives him credit for. Tony Stark may be correct by treating Parker as a child because Parker believes he is nothing without his Spider-suit.

What I love most about this movie is how Peter Parker is finally the kid he is supposed to be. During all of the intense battle scenes, he can’t help but make jokes about his attackers and surroundings–something I feel a 15-year-old would definitely do. Spider-Man is more of a Spider-Boy and I adore it. Peter Parker is played by the adorable Tom Holland, 21, who pulls off a 15-year-old really well! As opposed to Tobey Maguire’s unconvincing 30-year-old teenager. Spidey is also supposed to be a bit of a troll, and it finally doesn’t feel forced. The kid is having fun, but also seriously trying to protect his city.

I would love to see a second movie. The first one is set up perfectly for a second movie. Spider-Man reboots are increasing of late, and I don’t know who makes these decisions, but I think the fat cats in Hollywood should stick with this one. Or, as a reboot idea, I could star as Spider-Woman in a gender-bent feature of the movie. I could fight Seagull-Girl, flip around in a pink Spider-suit, and have a thing for Mark John, the gender-bent MJ. We’ll work out the details later, but I’m reachable through my contact page. I’ll try to find an agent.

Anyway, go see this movie! It has the potential to be my favorite Spider-Man reboot until the next one!


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