About Me

Shayne is a recent college graduate. She majored in English, minored in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, is not planning on teaching, and hopes everything will work out. She doesn’t have a specific career she hopes to end up with; she just hopes to end up happy.

Currently, Shayne works in a library. In addition to checking in/out books, shushing the occasional rebellious preteen, and picking up after child tornadoes, Shayne has been asked to write book and movie reviews for the library’s blog. (But she posts them here first!)

In the future, Shayne wants to travel the world and write, once she has the funds. She has a list of places she needs to see, and an ever-growing bucket list full of adventures to be had. While touring the planet, she wants to keep another journal to add to her collection.

When she isn’t writing autobiographies about herself, you can find her spinning hoops like a maniac, singing quietly, giggling uncontrollably, gaming casually, or staring at blank walls.

She loves hearing from people who like reading what she writes. If anything she wrote made you laugh, cry, or something in between, she would love to hear from you.