I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent

It was a foggy October morning, but the weather wasn't unpleasant. I was wearing bright pink socks, which, as a girl who usually wears black from head to toe, was a change. I didn't mind it though. I was feeling kind of pink. Every time I looked down, I was reminded that today might be… Continue reading I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent


I Should Have Called Off Sick

Yesterday, families and communities across North America came together to hold hands and stare at the sun. Normally, this would be a dangerous activity, but yesterday was the first solar eclipse in 38 years. I had been anticipating my library's solar eclipse party since May, but nothing could have prepared me for the characters I… Continue reading I Should Have Called Off Sick


Taking Candy from a Baby-Faced Boy

It was a day like all the rest. I sat at the front desk of my library and gazed longingly out the window awaiting entertainment that rarely arrived. Then you happened. You rolled up on your bike and skidded to a halt in front of the library's entrance, all but leaving marks on the sidewalk.… Continue reading Taking Candy from a Baby-Faced Boy


Murder Most Fowl

I awoke this morning at 6:15 AM (a whole two hours before the incessant chirping of  my alarm clock!) to a sound that is unfortunately becoming easy for me to recognize. My house, especially the area outside my bedroom window, has become a feeding ground for a woodpecker. As I rolled over to knock on… Continue reading Murder Most Fowl