The girl doesn't need any saving

I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent

It was a foggy October morning, but the weather wasn't unpleasant. I was wearing bright pink socks, which, as a girl who usually wears black from head to toe, was a change. I didn't mind it though. I was feeling kind of pink. Every time I looked down, I was reminded that today might be… Continue reading I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent


Tired of Being an Introvert

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 27 Discuss a problem you have or have had in the past. I love singing. I love the performing arts. I'm an introvert. Together, these things are problematic. Sometimes I try to come out of my shell of introversion, but I usually regret it immediately. When I was younger,… Continue reading Tired of Being an Introvert