Kneeling Outside My Professor’s Office, Cursing at the Gods

I was going to get an 'F' on this essay. This essay that I had poured what was left of my heart and soul into. The very heart and soul that had been fading from my body since the beginning of the semester. College is the worst of parasites. Let me start at the beginning.… Continue reading Kneeling Outside My Professor’s Office, Cursing at the Gods


Assuming the Fetal Position

In an exercise class full of athletic beefcakes, I am at their mercy. They could easily shatter my body with a single dodgeball, razing me to the ground in a heap of concussed panic, rendering me broken and paralyzed with fear. This has always been a typical gym class for me. Physical education is the… Continue reading Assuming the Fetal Position


Eclipse Madness

Oh God. It's 10:37 AM and the phone won't stop ringing. I can't do this until 3 PM. I might have mentioned it before, but I work in a library. We are having a solar eclipse viewing party today at 1 PM. Our solar eclipse viewing glasses will be distributed at our party for people… Continue reading Eclipse Madness


Taking Candy from a Baby-Faced Boy

It was a day like all the rest. I sat at the front desk of my library and gazed longingly out the window awaiting entertainment that rarely arrived. Then you happened. You rolled up on your bike and skidded to a halt in front of the library's entrance, all but leaving marks on the sidewalk.… Continue reading Taking Candy from a Baby-Faced Boy


My Story in Fifteen Facts

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 15 Write 15 interesting facts about yourself. I can't promise 15 interesting facts about myself--I can't even promise 15 things you care to hear about, but the following list contains 15 things that came to mind when given this prompt. I was born on Christmas. But I'm not Jesus. It's… Continue reading My Story in Fifteen Facts


My Time in Prison Circa 2000

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 14 What is your earliest memory? I have a pretty good memory. Sometimes it freaks me out how I can remember the most obscure comments and insignificant details. I often think I can remember things that happened when I was a toddler. I know these memories are probably just… Continue reading My Time in Prison Circa 2000