Cold-Blooded Interview

If I thought my chances of getting this internship were good prior to this phone call, I have lost the will to live since hanging up the phone. I had practiced for this interview. I memorized my top three strengths and weaknesses, why I was a good fit for the job, and I was ready… Continue reading Cold-Blooded Interview


Backhanded Compliments

I was working the arduous Saturday shift at my library when they walked in: a little girl, a tween, and the woman I assume was their caretaker. They were ready to check out some fine literature when the little girl struck up a conversation with me. And then she told me I was pretty. I… Continue reading Backhanded Compliments

Book Reviews

Stranger Things 2

The highly anticipated Netflix original series created by the Duffer brothers has returned for season two because we definitely didn't get enough of it! This season, the boys are back and they're ready to deal with the second monster to haunt them from the Upside Down. Will is home, Eleven is gone, Mike is sad,… Continue reading Stranger Things 2


I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent

It was a foggy October morning, but the weather wasn't unpleasant. I was wearing bright pink socks, which, as a girl who usually wears black from head to toe, was a change. I didn't mind it though. I was feeling kind of pink. Every time I looked down, I was reminded that today might be… Continue reading I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent


Kneeling Outside My Professor’s Office, Cursing at the Gods

I was going to get an 'F' on this essay. This essay that I had poured what was left of my heart and soul into. The very heart and soul that had been fading from my body since the beginning of the semester. College is the worst of parasites. Let me start at the beginning.… Continue reading Kneeling Outside My Professor’s Office, Cursing at the Gods


Assuming the Fetal Position

In an exercise class full of athletic beefcakes, I am at their mercy. They could easily shatter my body with a single dodgeball, razing me to the ground in a heap of concussed panic, rendering me broken and paralyzed with fear. This has always been a typical gym class for me. Physical education is the… Continue reading Assuming the Fetal Position


I Should Have Called Off Sick

Yesterday, families and communities across North America came together to hold hands and stare at the sun. Normally, this would be a dangerous activity, but yesterday was the first solar eclipse in 38 years. I had been anticipating my library's solar eclipse party since May, but nothing could have prepared me for the characters I… Continue reading I Should Have Called Off Sick


Eclipse Madness

Oh God. It's 10:37 AM and the phone won't stop ringing. I can't do this until 3 PM. I might have mentioned it before, but I work in a library. We are having a solar eclipse viewing party today at 1 PM. Our solar eclipse viewing glasses will be distributed at our party for people… Continue reading Eclipse Madness