A Stranger in Someone Else’s Home

For the first two weeks of April, I was house sitting while my cousin, her husband, and their two-year-old went to Italy. In addition to guarding the house from the onslaught of bandits my wild imagination conjured up, I had to care for two cats, a dog, several plants, and my own sanity. My cousin… Continue reading A Stranger in Someone Else’s Home


Hazing Rituals

I once wrote about the job from hell and the human incarnation of Satan himself. Though it was a terrible place to work, it did teach me a lot. Aside from learning how to use a cash register and that some bosses make it impossible to juggle two jobs, I learned about the beautiful ritual… Continue reading Hazing Rituals


I’ve Always Been a Cat Person, but This Crosses a Line

I've never really been a dog person. It's not that I hate them, I just think they're loud and needy and their energy stresses me out. I'm a total cat person. I live for that independence and cool indifference toward my existence. Cats are graceful and don't get in the way. I rarely meet a… Continue reading I’ve Always Been a Cat Person, but This Crosses a Line

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Home Alone 1 and 2

Christmastime. One of my favorite times of the year. Though I don't care for sappy Hallmark Christmas movies, and Christmas books bore me, I'll admit to liking children's Christmas movies. I don't mean Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or A Charlie Brown Christmas, but I love me some Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas (which Henry Selick, the director of the movie,… Continue reading Home Alone 1 and 2

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I Swear I’m a Good Driver

Sixteen is a pivotal age in an American teenager's life. Hormones are raging, high school is killer, and though 16-year-olds aren't recognized as legal adults yet, they get to learn how to drive. I know a lot of you from outside of the United States may be thinking,"What? Sixteen is far too young for that… Continue reading I Swear I’m a Good Driver


Someone Finally Asked Me About My Taste in Music

Music has the power to shift our moods. I have so many Spotify playlists that reflect this, it's not even funny. Usually when I'm sad, I want to wallow in my sadness and listen to sad music that makes me more sad. It's like the sad music understands me. But that's not what this tag… Continue reading Someone Finally Asked Me About My Taste in Music


As it Turns Out, I’m Bad at a Lot

I don't know what I did to receive two awards in a short period of time, but I've been nominated for the Flawesome Award! The first award allowed me to give blogging advice. This award insists that I air my dirty laundry. I was feeling like a genius until I was reminded that I have weaknesses.… Continue reading As it Turns Out, I’m Bad at a Lot


New Study Finds that Male Rabbits Rank Happiest Among Mammals

John from the Nowhere Tribune asked to collaborate on one of his recent articles about rabbits and other Northern Texas wildlife. Being interested in animals, I viewed this as less of a project and more of an entertaining way to spend my afternoon. Somewhere in here John says I contributed the good parts, but the genius is all his.

Nowadays, the news is unreliable. That article your Aunt Doreen posted to Facebook is riddled with inaccuracies. So why not get your news from a reputable source and check out my favorite news outlet? I guarantee you’ll find something you can talk about at your next family social gathering when your Aunt Doreen brings up the latest detoxing scam for the umpteenth time.

Nowhere Tribune

Special thanks go to Shayne for helping with this story. She contributed the good parts, and we contributed the rest.

STEPHENVILLE, TX—Researchers from the Tarleton State University Department of Wildlife Science have concluded that, of all mammals, male rabbits are the most happy, relaxed, and confident.

“We’ve conducted a five-year study of North Texas mammals,” said Randy Rivers, Wildlife Science Department head. “Our findings regarding the Leporidae family are most fascinating.”

According to Rivers, cottontails in the wild mate continuously from February through September. This, he says, is good news for the bucks.

“Just imagine,” he said. “Eight months of continuous breeding with multiple does. The more virile males may breed up to five times a day, which could amount to 1,200 times during a normal breeding season. No wonder these furry fellows are content, albeit tired.”

Bloodwork from 383 male rabbits showed that the stress hormone cortisol, though comparable…

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When Innocence Equates Ignorance

I don't usually go out of my way to make others think I'm a good person. And, as far as I'm concerned, I don't care whether people think I'm a good person or not. But last winter, I decided that I was too much of a terrible person and I should try to be selfless… Continue reading When Innocence Equates Ignorance


Running From Dogs and Possibly Murderers

To me, running always felt a lot like dying. Nothing about it seemed appealing. Willingly pushing oneself through the outdoors to work up a sweat seemed to me to be a sure sign of insanity. But then I decided I wanted to be insanely toned. So I've been going running. And I've realized I have… Continue reading Running From Dogs and Possibly Murderers