Backhanded Compliments

I was working the arduous Saturday shift at my library when they walked in: a little girl, a tween, and the woman I assume was their caretaker. They were ready to check out some fine literature when the little girl struck up a conversation with me. And then she told me I was pretty. I… Continue reading Backhanded Compliments

A word cloud of anger

Are the Little Monsters Back in School Yet? A Christmas Break Rant

My job at the library requires me to answer the phone. Usually, when I pick up, someone wants to renew their books, ask if we have a specific book, or inquire about something that could easily be found on our website. Once in a while, I get a wrong number or someone I don't understand,… Continue reading Are the Little Monsters Back in School Yet? A Christmas Break Rant


I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent

It was a foggy October morning, but the weather wasn't unpleasant. I was wearing bright pink socks, which, as a girl who usually wears black from head to toe, was a change. I didn't mind it though. I was feeling kind of pink. Every time I looked down, I was reminded that today might be… Continue reading I Need Creepy Old Man Repellent


People Watching isn’t Creepy

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 25 Discuss someone who fascinates you and why. I LOVE watching people! If I have down time at work or I arrive early to class, I usually find a spot to sit and watch all the crazy characters that occupy my library and college campus. You'd be surprised how… Continue reading People Watching isn’t Creepy


Life Condensed

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 12 Bullet point your whole day. Woke up Was excellent Went to bed My life can easily be condensed to a series of bullet points which I find depressing. It's good for organizing my day, but pathetic in every other sense. My alarm went off I was immediately confused… Continue reading Life Condensed