My First College Party

I had never wanted to attend a college party. Nothing about them sounded like a good time to me. The scent of marijuana wafting through the air, drunk kids puking into bushes outside, girls scream-giggling at anything a dumb frat boy said, heavy bass and poor music assaulting my eardrums, the taste of cheap beer,… Continue reading My First College Party


People Watching isn’t Creepy

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 25 Discuss someone who fascinates you and why. I LOVE watching people! If I have down time at work or I arrive early to class, I usually find a spot to sit and watch all the crazy characters that occupy my library and college campus. You'd be surprised how… Continue reading People Watching isn’t Creepy


Relationship Advice from the Eternally Single

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 1 Discuss your current relationship HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! We're off to a great start... I don't date. But I'm not crazy, PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN! I would date, if I found someone extraordinary, but I haven't found anyone with mutual interest yet. My standards are fairly high, but that's not a bad thing.… Continue reading Relationship Advice from the Eternally Single