The cover for Highly Suspect's "The Boy Who Died Wolf."
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The Boy Who Died Wolf by Highly Suspect

The Boy Who Died Wolf is an album I didn't know I needed. It was something necessary to fill an empty void in my soul. Now, it's as crucial to my being as oxygen. Without this album, surely I would perish. As of late, my go-to band has been Highly Suspect. And it's no wonder… Continue reading The Boy Who Died Wolf by Highly Suspect

Book Reviews

Duality by Set It Off

ATTN: Fall Out Boy Fans Do you absolutely adore Fall Out Boy? Do you enjoy their complex, witty, and often sassy lyrics? Do you wish they were better and had trumpets? Look no further! Give this band a listen because they're a game changer! I discovered this band while browsing Spotify roughly two days ago, and… Continue reading Duality by Set It Off